SAP Course

The 6 Biggest Mistakes
Most People Make When It Comes to
Learning SAP Software!


Mistake No.1: “Thinking SAP is difficult to learn”

It’s true that SAP software is not as easy to learn as Microsoft Office.

sap courseMicrosoft software has been designed to be easy to learn and self evident how to use it so that it can be used by almost anyone who has a computer.

However, SAP software is only used by corporate employees. But learning SAP is straight forward when you have a good SAP training manual.

It’s a bit like learning how to use the remote control on a new TV. If you take the time to read the manual and learn the basics then you have trouble free operation of the remote.

If you work your way through a good SAP training course then you will have a much better understanding of SAP software and how to use it effectively.


Mistake No.2: “Assume you don’t need SAP skills
to get a corporate job”

sap jobsWrong!

What do employers want?

They want job applicants to be computer literate and already trained with SAP software skills.

When you get a new job you cannot expect existing employees to train you and you wouldn’t want them to as they may teach you the wrong way.

Add SAP knowledge to your resume to greatly improve your employment prospects and overcome the competition for those corporate jobs.


Mistake No.3: “Assume your employer will provide SAP training”

sap careerWrong Again!

In the current economic climate employers don’t spend time and money training new employees. They don’t even want to spend money training existing employees.

What do employers want?

They want job applicants to be already trained with SAP skills.

They want their existing employees to pickup SAP skills on the job.


Mistake No.4: “Attend a classroom course to learn SAP”

sap courseSAP courses are available in most major cities but are very expensive and you would need many weeks of lessons to learn the basics.

There is no need to waste your money on very expensive SAP training courses. Most people don’t learn much from a classroom style course of only a few days duration. And $3000 per class is far too expensive for any sort of five day training. Especially when the instructor doesn’t have any real commercial SAP experience and only teaches from a powerpoint slide show.

You don’t need to attend a classroom course to learn SAP.

You are much more likely to learn SAP if you spend 10 or 15 minutes everyday learning real life business transactions rather than attend a week long classroom of theory.

The best way to learn SAP is to sit yourself down in front of a computer and work through a SAP training manual processing real transactions.


Mistake No.5: “Assume you will learn SAP at University”


Graduates Don’t Know SAP

sap educationSAP education is not taught to students at universities. Graduates have no practical experience or knowledge of large scale software systems. However, this system is used by many of the world’s top fortune 500 companies and thousands of other corporations.

Employers want graduates with SAP skills.

Put yourself ahead of other graduates and add SAP knowledge to your resume.


Mistake No.6: “Thinking you need SAP Certification”

sap courseThis SAP course will help you prepare for SAP certification examinations.

However, SAP certification is not necessary to secure a job as a SAP professional or work in an organization that uses the SAP system. Most employers do not know about certification and don’t ask for it. What employers want is proven SAP knowledge and work experience.

My recommendation is to get work experience first and certification later.


Would you like to learn SAP software without paying thousands of dollars for training?


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practical sap

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